Learn to approach the market the Pro way
100+ Training Videos
Over 50 hours Training Sessions
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Continuous Training and Mentorship
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Profitable signals with Good Risk Reward Ratio

Clear entry and exit points
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Let the mentors take you step by step
Watch yourself improve over time
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See what the professionals see
Approach the market like a pro
Discover the secret of the market

Interactive Trade Ideas

Share Trade Ideas with Friends
Socialize while trading
Make money together
Trading is much fun

Trade Like A GrandMaster

Build Your Analytical Mind
Understand Market Psychology
Understand Structures, Patterns
Develop Profitable Trading Strategies

Wave Analysis & Forecast

Understand and make reasonable forecast with wave analysis
Understand mass psychology to trading
Learn the key rules fo the Elliot wave theory
Learn how Elliot Wave combine well with chart patterns
Learn how Elliot Wave combine with Harmonic patterns & Fibonacci Levels

Live Trading Room

Access to Live Trading Room will make you take trades side by side with the professionals. By so doing, you avoid making costly mistakes. You also grow over time by approaching the market the pro way

Daily Livestreams

Get connected with the mentors everyday as they analyze the financial market at each trading sessions screening out each trade setups to get the best trades with expected High Probability of success

Signals on the go

Anywhere you are in any part of the world, as far as you are connected to the internet, you get signals delivered to you on the go. Our automated trading system also make money for you while you sleep. Trading cannot be easier than this

Over 30years Combined Forex Analysis and Trading Experience

Our community mentors work across every market sessions, scan through and give you best market analysis and strategies in the live market. You get to see how pro make their picks with High Probability Setups, determining entry and invalidation zones and most importantly Trade Psychology and Position Managements


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Private Trade Setups

Private Trade Setups

Get Full Access to Professional Trade Setups where you get to see long term projections of the market, alerts on Trade Managements, Important market watch, Market wrap up, and most importantly reasons behind each trade setups for you to grow.

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Private Trade Signals

Profitable Trade Signals

Take good Risk:Reward trades with the professionals. Both Day Trades and Swing Trades (3 TP levels). It comes with precise entry and exit price information as well as trade managements.

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Private Trade Signals

Trade Journal

Turn your raw trading data in to a refined eye-opening evaluation analysis which will motivate you to improve in your trading career.It is an essential tool that every serious forex trader should have.

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Private Trade Signals

Club9Forex TV (Free)

Daily Livestreams and Webinars. Get connected with community mentors daily as they analyse the financial market, making picks based on high probability setups and giving insights of the market.

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Private Trade Signals

Market Analysis & Blog (Free)

We provide Market analysis and insights based on Expected Price Action and Wave Analysis for all Major Currency Pairs, Indexes, Commodities as well as Cryptocurrencies. This service is FREE

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MoneyRisk Trading Tool

MoneyRisk Trading Tool

This tool helps you to quantify your risk and ensure you follow Money Management at all times. It gives you an overview of your account position and exposure at any time. It is a MUST HAVE for all financial market traders.

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Forex Academy

Forex Academy

Learn to trade the market like a pro. Each course, offered on a number of levels in a vibrant and stimulating manner, comprises several interconnected lessons with progress chart and quiz to access your performance over time.

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Divergence Dashboard and Indicator

Divergence Dashboard and Indicator

The Divergence Dashboard Scanner lets you see potential turning points in the market at market extremes. It scans for both MACD Divergences and RSI Divergences and display results in a user-friendly scrollable and sortable dashboard form.

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Harmonic Dashboard and Indicator

Harmonic Dashboard and Indicator

A very powerful Trading Tool. You no longer need to manually scan every pair and time-frame. The dashboard does all the hard work for youand display results in a user-friendly scrollable and sortable dashboard form.

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Private Trade Signal

Club9Forex TV

Trade Signals

Harmonic Indicator & Dashboard

Divergence Indicator & Dashboard

Forex Academy

Money Risk Management Addon

Club9Forex Academy

Education Is The Foundation Upon Which We Build Our Future. Club9Forex Academy provide all that is needed for anyone to learn from basic (total beginner) to advanced trading techniques (Pro Level). Each course, offered on a number of levels in a vibrant and stimulating manner, comprises several interconnected lessons with progress chart and quiz to access your performance over time .

  • 100+ Training Videos
  • Over 50 hours Training Sessions
  • End of Session Assessment Quizzes
  • Continuous Training and Mentorship
  • Community Support

What Our Members Say

Elemosho is a real pro, and a world aclaimed market maker who knows his onions when it comes to forex.


Dorothy J.


Men, i can't thank you guyz enough. Nice platform, experienced traders, profitable trades. Thank you guyz.


Joy Nsofor


My Experience on this platform has been very awesome


James Titiloba


You guyz are awesome. I really like this community. More greens

I must say club9forex has really changed my trading aptitude. It is really a nice experience being in this community. I am getting see market differently and it has greatly improved my trading. Thanks


Femi Davies



Can I join the community without purchasing any plan?

Of course, you do not need to purchase any plan to be a member of the community. You can stay as free member within the community for as long as you want and still get lots of benefits like General Trade Setups, weekly outlook and livestreams and so much more

I am not satisfied with your service can I get a refund?

There is a (Seven) 7 day refund policy which guarantees 100% Money Backto all plan subscribers. The count date starts from the date of purchase (including weekends). If a plan subscriber is dissatisfied with the service for any reason, the subscriber may receive a refund within seven (7) days of the subscriber's initial purchase, for a full refund of the purchased price. The Refund Policy applies to all plan subscriptions apart from LIFETIME purchase of community trading tool.

I am a complete novice. I do not know much about forex trading , can I still join the community

Of course, the community is for all class of traders as well as complete novice which is why you can join as a free member and learn within the community. We however advice that you proceed to the academy to learn how to trade the financial market.

Can I make money fast once I join the community

The forex market is not a get rich fast scheme. On the average, it takes about 6months to 2years for some traders to trade independently depending on the efforts and discipline being committed towards learning and understanding the full grasp of market psychology. To speedup your learning curve, you can enroll for the mentorship programme.

Must I refer people 2 people to earn within the community?

You do NOT need to refer anyone to stay in the community or be active on a plan. Our focus is mainly on trading the financial market and helping traders across the globe to improve and trade profitably through continuous education, livestreams, market analysis, periodic webinars, trading tools and member supports within the community. Lots of traders make money from trading the financial market without referring anyone. We only offer a direct compensation plan for members who introduced their friends to the community. WE DO NOT OPERATE ANY MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING OR NETWORKING COMPENSATION SCHEME WHATSOEVER, NOT NOW NOR IN THE FUTURE.